Lend Your Voice to Champion the Cause

Advocacy is about more than signing petitions or writing letters to elected officials. It’s about understanding the issues, speaking up, and promoting them to your family, friends and neighbors. You can improve education, income and health through advocacy and create hope and opportunities for a better tomorrow.

Promote Your United Way

Speak up and stand strong as someone who LIVES UNITED. Wear the LIVE UNITED shirt proudly in your community. Place a link on your website back to ours. Add the cause to your Facebook profile. Let your voice be heard and show the world what it means to LIVE UNITED.

Participate in United Way Advocacy Day

Meet your state representatives during the legislative session and discuss the impact of policy and budget decisions on health and human services in our community.


One of the easiest ways to affect change in your community is by voting. Whether the issue is local, regional, or national, your vote is one way to raise your voice in support of your community.

Share Your Story

How do you LIVE UNITED? Send us your story so we can share it with the community and inspire and motivate others.

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