Donations & Giving

When you give to United Way of Mason County, you are powering solutions where you live.

Every dollar makes a difference.

Community conditions change because of the strength of our united investments.

United Way of Mason County is the most efficient, effective and convenient way to meet your philanthropic goals, support your community and achieve results. No other organization can compare as a partner for workplace philanthropy. Most important is the impact that United Way has locally, by helping bring together businesses, nonprofits, government, experts, and volunteers to identify our most pressing needs, invest in long-term solutions and improve people’s lives. Here in Mason County, United Way is meeting today’s needs and investing in the future of our children, families, workers — our whole community.

With your help, together, we can be the power that makes great things happen in Mason County.


If you wish to send us a check, request payroll deductions, direct your payment to a specific entity or cause, you may download the PDF form at the following link. Please print it out, fill it out, and mail it in to us:  UWOMC Download Pledge Form



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